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I hereby certify that the information provided in this application is true and correct, and I am aware that my submission of any false information or omission of any pertinent information resulting in the false representation of a material fact may subject me to civil and/or criminal penalties for filing of false public records and/or forfeiture of any incentives approved under this program. I also understand that any final certification of any incentive will be subject to the submission & review of an independent audit conducted by a Certified Professional Accountant licensed in the state of Louisiana; that employees that are claimed as Jefferson Parish hires must each fill out a "Declaration of Residency" form showing JP residency at least 6 months prior to hire to be kept on file by the production company. Additionally, I agree that the finished product shall contain an acknowledgement that the production was filmed in Jefferson Parish and such brand/logo shall be included in the credits. Finally, I understand that this application and information submitted with it shall not be returnable to the applicant.